Commecs College – Publications
The aim of true art is to “teach and delight”. All activities provide entertainment alongwith enlightenment to students. Art is a channel for expressing one’s thoughts and ideas. Students explore the world of arts, refine their talents and open for themselves new doors to creativity. Different publications at Commecs College are a reflection of ‘the unique, enriching and selfsatisfying experience for students who work on the editorial boards of the Publication Committee.

Commecs Perspective
A monthly gazette is published during the academic session. It is a subject-based publication and the writers present their views on current economic, financial, social and ethical issues.

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Commecs Post
An annual newsletter, carries reports featuring campus activities round the year. The editors and writers, under the guidance of the faculty members, learn the skills of reporting and editing.

Commecs Post 2016

An annual magazine, contains English and Urdu sections having a combination of literary, factual and creative material written by the students as well as the faculty and prominent figures of society, which adds to the horizon of knowledge. Payam-e-Cibe 2002 was nationally declared the ‘Best College Magazine.