If a student qualifies for admission, but faces financial constraints, does Commecs College extend

a helping hand?

Commecs College has always been providing financial assistance to its students. Please see Fee

Endowment Section on Admission Page.


When does admission start in Intermediate?

Admission process normally begins in April and continues till July. New session starts from

August. See Admission Section on Admission Page.


Is admission possible in your college against donation?

Commecs College is not a commercial organization. We do not require any donations; therefore, no

admissions are given on the basis of donations.


Is there any quota fixed for the disabled in Commecs College?

Neither is quota fixed for faculty, Principal or Managing Committee, nor is there a quota for

disabled persons or persons from underdeveloped areas.


Is there any age relaxation (just a few days) possible?

Applicants must not be above 18 years of age on August 01, Relaxation of one year is given to

Huffaz-e-Quran. No other age relaxation is possible.


What is the policy for taking admission in Second Year?

We do not offer admission in second year, nor do we entertain transfer requests.


Is it possible to pay admission fee in cash, instead of pay order?

Payment is always through pay orders.


Is it possible for students to use the Internet? If so, what are the charges of usage?

Internet facility is available through IT Lab and Library for students without any charges.


If students wish to do their assignments on the computer, are they allowed to do so?

If there is no scheduled practical session, the computer lab is available to all the students.

Terminals are also available for use in the College Library.


What sports facilities are available at Commecs College?

We have in campus facilities for Table Tennis, Volley Ball, Basketball, Tennis and Throw Ball. We

participate in Cricket, Squash, Basketball, Badminton, Volley Ball, Throw Ball, Football, Hockey,

Tennis and Swimming tournaments. We arrange various courts, grounds and swimming pools for



Are there any opportunities for academic creativity (written and spoken) at the Commecs College?

There are a wide range of co-curricular activities which enhance a student’s written and spoken

skills. Commecs publications include Payam-e-CIBE, Commecs Perspective and Commecs Post, students

are always encouraged to participate. There are in-house and intercollegiate competitions like

Bilingual Declamations and Writing Competitions. Our students also participate in inter-collegiate

competitions. Each year students stage skits as well as English & Urdu stage shows.


What are the opportunities for Commecs College students for exposure to industry and management

processes in the business field?

Our regular features, in this regard include: Field Trips to different industries

Assignments by teachers to visit the corporate sector for interviewing different executives

Guest speaker sessions


What are the library timings at Commecs College? Are latest relevant books available for students

or are they referred to public libraries?

Timings are 8:00 AM to 2:45 PM. All latest and relevant books are available in