College Environment

The College provides students an environment of high creativity and versatility by motivating them the best learning atmosphere possible. Along with a sound educational experience in a congenial learning environment, we strive to inculcate strong cultural, moral and social values in students. THE ENTIRE COMMECS COLLEGE CAMPUS IS A NO-SMOKING ZONE.

Character Building

Character building is an integral part of Commecs College culture. Learning without developing a corresponding personality leads nowhere. We aim at developing the ‘whole person’ – an upright and contributing citizen and not just a successful professional.

Uninterrupted Academic Session

In an environment where closure of institutions or breakdown of academic sessions is an unfortunate reality, Commecs College maintains an uninterrupted academic session. Activities are held in accordance with the detailed academic calendar. This distinguishes us from the other degree colleges of Pakistan.

Parent Teacher Meeting

Two sessions of PTMs are conducted after every Term Examination and Prelim. Parents are advised to attend these meetings in order to develop a rapport with the institution for the student’s overall development.

Quality Assurance

Commecs College Management takes measures towards maintaining quality education. We distinguish ourselves as one of the best academic colleges of Pakistan, this is due to our stringent Quality Assurance measures. From class observations to assessment strategies, Teachers prepare portfolios containing lesson plans with short and long term planning, Commecs College ensures no leaf unturned when it comes to education.

Teacher of The Year

An evaluation is conducted every year by the Management, peers and students in which academics, examination results and committee work are assessed. On the basis of this, the best performing faculty member is honoured as the “Teacher of the Year”.

Student of The Year

To stimulate the academic function, students are encouraged to participate in various academic and non academic activities. On the basis of outstanding performance and achievements, one male and one female student is honoured by “Student of the Year” awards.

Community Service

At Commecs College, we are not only an educational institute; rather we have a responsibility towards the society. This is apparent through our community service efforts. The Public Service Initiative Committee arranges visits to schools for destitute and special children to infuse a spirit of service for the less privileged and to add a new dimension to their character.