Principal Message

It gives me immense pleasure to write these lines on the occasion of successful completion of twenty four years of Commecs College. The overall achievement spread over two decades is an ample proof of the commitment of its visionary leaders to strain every nerve in the pursuit of change and quality education.


On this auspicious occasion, I dedicate my message to all the aspiring youth to celebrate and welcome new ideas for a better tomorrow. Being a part of the world where nothing is permanent but ‘change’, I urge upon all my readers not to follow customs and traditions blindly but to come up with yet another new way of fulfilling a task. The ability to question, to interrogate a matter, to present a new point of view is worth pursuing activity.


Another important point I would like to put forth is that there is no short cut to excellence. It is sheer hard work and perseverance which lead you towards the attainment of your goals in life. Diligence, hand in hand with sincerity of purpose, is the key to success. By this I mean that you should be aware of the responsibilities and exert in the best possible manner to fulfill them.


May Allah Bless you all,


Cdr. (Retd.) Abdul Razaq PN
Principal – Commecs College