Cdr.(Retd.) Abdul Razaq - PN

Cdr. (Retd) Abdul Razaq, Principal of Commecs College, did his Master’s in Physics from Punjab University and completed staff course from Pakistan Navy Staff College. He was awarded B.Sc (Hons) Degree in War studies from University of Karachi. At the outset of his career, he taught officers, cadets and men in a number of naval institutions. He served as Training Coordination Officer, Junior Officers Training officer and Director of Studies at various Naval training units. He has a vast teaching and administrative experience which has given him a broad vision and versatile dimensions to his personality.

He has been the Principal of Bahria College Karsaz for a period of five years and rendered academic and administrative services in multi facet ways. During his tenure as Principal, he also supervised construction of Bahria College Karsaz as a Project Officer.

Cdr. (Retd) Abdul Razaq joined Commecs College in 2004 and amicably fulfilled academic and administrative responsibilities over the years. The College, under his immaculate supervision, is on smooth sailing and producing good results..